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7 Proven Ways to Get Seller Leads In Real Estate (Part 2)

I promised last week that I’d be doing a second part on generating seller leads for real estate agents. If you ask me why, it’s because seller lead generation doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all strategy and I want you to be successful by using a multitude of techniques. Here are more tips to keep your client list busy.

1. Become a restaurant regular

Pick a restaurant or a coffee shop that you would frequently be in for meeting clients. This will make you popular in the community. You’ll gain access to good tables and make friends with the staff and owner.

By the time the staff and owner, as well as the other shop patrons would need help in selling a home, they’ll think of you first as the person to contact. You’ll also be the first person to be recommended if their acquaintances would need to sell a property.

2. Send a handwritten note

Handwritten notes are better than digital messages because clients have their inboxes filled with other mails. Digital messages have a high chance of being left unread. Unlike a handwritten note which is more memorable.

Send a handwritten note thanking your client for choosing your services. Tell them you’re ready to answer their questions such as where to look for good moving companies or professional renovation contractors. If you’re feeling confident, call them and ask for a referral.

3. Contact seller with expired listings

House listings expire for various reasons. One is because it’s not marketed well by the buyer. That’s where you come in and introduce yourself to save the day. Offer to look into their situation and suggest a plan to list their home that would attract buyers.

Be a good communicator, showcase your real estate expertise, and do your best to entice the seller into availing of your services.

4. Advertise

You can always go for a traditional way to market your services if you have the funds to do so. Try billboard ads, hand out flyers, or be in the local newspaper. You can also try digital marketing such as social media ads, email marketing, search engine ads, answering questions in Quora or canvas neighborhood mailboxes and leave your calling card.

5. Meet Home Sellers at Open Houses

In open houses, you’ll get to meet both first-time and second-time home buyers. Most of them would require the service of real estate agents such as negotiation processes, home inspection, and pricing of the home they’re moving out of.

To do this, you must ask the home buyers questions like: “Are you looking to sell your home?”, “Do you need help in selling it?”, “How far are you into the buying process?”, “What kind of offers were you presented with?”, and other similar topics. Then ease them into considering your services.

6. Convert Rental Leads

In business, looking for opportunities and advantages are the key drivers for success. That’s why you shouldn’t just focus on the buying and selling aspect of real estate. You can convert rental leads into buying and selling leads.

For example, provide a landlord with an accurate value of their property. Explain the advantages of selling the property now. Explain the advantages of a prospective tenant in buying the rental property now as well. Make your own luck and let them represent both of you.

7. Work With Real Estate Investors & House Flippers

Investors and flippers are buying and selling houses all the time. They would gladly take the opportunity to make every transaction as smooth as possible. To do that, they would need an agent for the smoothening process.

Not only will you have the opportunity to represent them, but you can also match them up with your other clients who are buying or selling houses. Do this properly and it would make you a very busy agent who represents clients all the time.

That’s all you need to know! Remember to stay classy during your hunt. Be polite and suggestive while avoiding being too persuasive. Ready your calling cards and hand them out to as many potential clients as you can.

Strive to gain knowledge on how to be an effective real estate agent by reading these entries!