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8 Real Estate Podcasts to Follow In 2021

Reading articles about real estate is good. But you should also listen to what experts and real estate professionals say in podcasts to increase your knowledge on the real estate business. The best part of listening to podcasts is that you can tune in while you’re driving in your car or you’re doing something else.

The podcasts on this list cover topics that are essential in helping you achieve your real estate goals whether you’re an aspiring real estate agent, a rental property owner, a passive, or active real estate investor.

1. Tom Ferry Podcast

Tom Ferry is a best-selling author and is considered by some to be the #1 real estate educator. If you’re looking for simple tips on how to do real estate marketing, the Tom Ferry Podcast is the right show for you.

Check out the podcast here.

2. Bare Naked Agent

Pat Hiban is another best-selling author from the NY Times and the host of the Bare Naked Agent Podcast. He covers a wide variety of topics like how to make a house sale successful and different tips on how to make the best real estate investment for each residential property type.

Check out the podcast here.

3. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

If you want lessons and advice for commercial real estate investments, you should listen to Joe Fairless’ Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever. His podcast features guests that are involved in the real estate world such as builders, flippers, passive investors, and renters.

Check out the podcast here.

4. Cashflow Diary

Not everyone gets to have the title of sales coach and instructor for real estate while being the master facilitator of Robert Kiyosaki’s CASHFLOW™ 101 games aside from J. Massey. In the Cashflow Diary podcast you’ll learn how to improve your strategies for placing offers, rehabbing, closing deals, buying, and selling homes.

Check out the podcast here.

5. Kevin Ward’s Yes Talk

Kevin Ward is a well-renowned real estate trainer and speaker on the international level. The Yes Talk podcast focuses on what skills to learn and what mindset to foster for successful real estate agents, realtors, and brokers.

Check out the podcast here.

6. Jared James Today

Most podcasts are done by talking in a calm manner. In Jared James’ Today Show, you’ll learn various topics such as converting real estate leads, real estate business management systems, creating transactions, and creating a real estate team with an energetic and exciting tone.

Check out the podcast here.

7. The Remote Real Estate Investor

Not every real estate podcast talks about long-distance investing. As the name this podcast suggests, hosts Tom Schneider, Emil Shour, and Michael Albaum talk about things like how to manage your property manager, expert strategies, finding great markets to invest in, case studies, and deal analysis while you’re far away.

Check out the podcast here.

8. Bigger Pockets Podcast

The hosts of this show are Brandon Turner and David Greene. They interview guests that are also real estate investors from all walks of life such as waiters to stay-at-home moms while talking about new real estate niches, investment strategies, and real estate market segments.

Check out the podcast here.

Is there a podcast with topics that you need? Click the link provided below the podcast description and download the episodes that interest you the most. Then play it later in your office as you do your real estate work. There are a lot of things you can learn so don’t miss out on the opportunities!

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