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4 Items To Hide When Staging Your Home

Staging is just not about showing what’s in and out of your home. It’s also about showing what your property looks like without you in it. The best way to make a property look neutral is to remove things that reflect the current owner.

This will make it easy for prospects to imagine what their lives would look like as they spend their days on your property. However, there are also items that are needed to be left in so that your house won’t look totally empty.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the possessions that you should store somewhere else before you let touring buyers enter your property for viewing.

1. Religious, political, or collegiate elements

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a close-minded person and I certainly won’t judge you or start a debate if I see that you have contrasting beliefs with mine. But your potential buyers might. Hide those crosses, crescents, or stars of David before inviting an interested buyer to your home. That includes MAGA hats, political party symbols, college T-shirts, and even your diploma.

2. Collections and anthologies

We have our own collections of books, toys, or any objects of our hobbies at home. But they can only appeal to people who share the same interests as ours. What happens if your buyer is a Star Trek fan and sees your Star Wars collection? You can expect that they’ll walk away.

Remember, the goal of staging your house is to make the inquiring buyer picture your home as their own. Yes, you must leave the shelves for collectibles empty. As long as they appear neutral to the buyer. And that could even entice the buyer to seal the deal with you because they would love to have their Star Trek collectibles displayed on your Star Wars shelves.

3. Personal items

Not every homeowner or buyer is a geek or nerd. But some can still be discouraged at the sight of your medals, refrigerator magnets, children’s art, and family portrait. When I say make your home look neutral, I really mean zero hints of your personality and lifestyle.

You can still leave a few personal decorations like key bowls, lamps, pillowcases, and face towels. They are essential objects and can score a lot of appeal from a buyer’s perspective. What’s important is that they don’t have pop culture elements.

4. Pet beds and toys

Seeing a pet inside when viewing a property may give an impression of a worn-down house. I do love animals but it just hits different as a real estate professional. During the staging process, find a comfortable place to put your pet, its toys, and other belongings. 

Then return them to their original spot in the house during the night. Spray some air freshener and open the windows before letting the guests in. You may never know. Some people are highly sensitive to the smell of doodoo and animal odor and would prefer to find another home once they smell oddities.

One more tip to remember during home staging: Make your house look as spacious as possible. That requires removing extra furniture, appliances, and half of your clothing.

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