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Tips for Packing and Moving Out Fast for Homesellers

A good real estate investment isn’t just about selling your home at the right time with the right offers and counter-offers. It also includes knowing how to smoothly pack up and move out to let the buyer settle in their new home.

Oftentimes, this part of house selling is ignored because the seller was busy and couldn’t make plans for the move. This causes problems for both the new and previous homeowner especially if the new homeowner is excited to move in and they discover damages left by the previous homeowner.

The previous homeowner will also be charged for a rent-back which could cause them significant profit losses. If you can financially manage to move to a new residence before selling your old home, then good for you. Here’s how to do it right.

1. Sort items into 3 distinct piles: sell, give, donate, and toss

Aside from minimalists, we’re all guilty of owning too many clothes and accessories. Some we no longer even have a chance to wear. Include furniture that won’t fit in your new place. These items can go into the “sell” or “give” category. Or if you want, you can host a pre-move party and give some of these items to the house buyer, your family, friends, and neighbors.

  • Expired or almost expired food 
  • Old magazines
  • Junk mail
  • Cards and coupons
  • Old magnets
  • Chipped dishes and glasses
  • Ripped linens or towels
  • Expired cosmetics
  • Old medications and lotions
  • Clothes and shoes in poor condition
  • Excess holiday decorations

The items listed above should be trashed. As for the donation-worthy items like travel-size shampoos, lotions, and soaps from various trips, you can take them to men’s or women’s shelters.

2. Take pictures of gadget hookups

One common problem of moving to a new home is not knowing where to plug appliance wirings such as HDMI cables and RCA connectors. Take a picture of where these cables go especially with the appliances with detachable wirings so that you’ll know where to put them back once you settle in your new home.

3. Assemble your moving team

Invite family members, friends, neighbors, or close colleagues to help you pack. You can also use this opportunity to give out or sell them the items you don’t plan on taking with you. Be sure to make a plan and assign whoever helps with different roles in the move.

Put on a playlist to set the atmosphere and don’t forget to serve food and beverages to culminate the activity with a simple get together.

4. Find out what your moving company will do for you on the packing front

If you intend to hire professional movers, ask if their service includes plastic wrapping all your stuff. This will reduce your box count and packing effort by leaving your clothes and other personal belongings in your closet as they’re moved to your new home.

Some moving companies provide furniture blankets so that they’ll remain undamaged in the truck during the move. With this, you can cross expensive padding off your moving supplies list.

5. Hire a moving manager

If you intend to pack on your own or with your family, a moving manager will teach you how to effectively sort, organize, pack, and declutter effectively by looking at your home and belongings.

6. Taking the “Organize Less” path

Some movers don’t have enough time to pack because the house selling process went fast and smooth. Others are busy because of work. If you lack time to plan, sort, and pack your belongings, it’s best to put all the items from one room into boxes and label the boxes according to the room they’re from. It may be hard for a super-organized person but it saves a lot of time and effort for packing up.

Moving out might be a tiring process but it also relieves you from the responsibility of your old home as soon as possible. And the sooner you move out, the sooner you’ll be able to make your next real estate investment.

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