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9 Ways to Instantly Boost Curb Appeal For Less Than $100

When we talk about improving our home to attract potential buyers, we often feel stressed about the costs even if we haven’t made any estimates yet. That’s because we tend to visualize some grand or major improvements.

Seasoned home sellers will tell you that you can beautify your home’s front view in an affordable way to discourage buyers from asking for a discount. What are these improvement tips? Read on to discover them.

1. New front door paint

A gallon of paint usually costs $30 and it can revive the look of your front porch. All you have to do is choose a bright color that goes well with your home’s motif and door frame.

2. New house number

Aside from the mailbox, the house number is the first thing a house buyer sees when they’re visiting to view your home. The right choice of font and numbering material can set the tone of what buyers can expect inside your home and the backyard.

3. Mulch up the landscape

Cleanliness is the #1 thing buyers and passersby observe when they’re at the front of your home. By putting mulch in your landscape, you can prevent those nasty weeds from growing as well as emphasizing the shape of your flower beds and color contrast of the lawn.

4. Update the exterior lighting

Has your porch lighting been there for a long time? The interior metal might have already corroded or the glass has been stained so much that you didn’t seem to notice them. They also may have bugs inside and some cobwebs.

You can choose to clean them. But if it’s better to buy modern designed and more energy-efficient lighting, by all means, do it. If you have some extra budget, why not add some bollards as well.

5. New doormat

The doormat is one of your home’s accessories that easily gets worn out over time. This is because you always stomp and wipe your shoes on it every time you enter your home. Buying a new one should be one of your primary priorities when improving your home’s curb appeal. Make sure it fits your stairs or porch floor’s design as well.

6. New door handle

The next easily worn-out item of your home is the door handle. You touch it every time you enter and leave your home. You’ll also make a lot of scratches when you insert the key and that could really reduce the appeal of your home’s front door.

Before painting your door, you must have a door handle design and color of your choice so you can choose a paint color that goes well with the handle. And if your door does not have a handle but just a knob, now is the right time to upgrade.

7. New flag pole

Nothing captures a homebuyer’s heart better than a modern porch flag pole. It’s the enduring symbol of American patriotism. Once your home is listed for sale, install a white flag so even immigrant buyers can imagine flying the flag of their home country.

8. Clean windows and gutters

Continuing from #3, don’t just focus on the cleanliness of your lawn. Clear up gutter debris that causes rust. The windows will also accumulate stains from rain over time and make them appear blurry. Hire a window cleaner or clean them yourself.

9. Fix the driveway

Depending on how worn down your driveway is, you can either choose to have it repaired, fully replaced, or repaved with asphalt. The second option will be expensive so you better know the right maintenance procedures.

Affordable home improvement projects to increase attractiveness only apply to properties that are newly built. If your home is 10 years old or younger since its completion, don’t stress or spend too much to improve it. Instead, search for cheaper project ideas.

Has your old home sat on listing sites for a long time? Use these ideas to make prospects interested!