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The 6 Most Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Renovation is part of homeownership and real estate regardless of how old or new the house is. Some do it to upgrade their home into a more cozy and modern dwelling, while others see it as a good strategy to increase a property’s selling price.

Whatever your reason is for renovating your home, you must remember that materials and labor can be costly. So it’s important to do it right on your first attempt. With that said, here are renovation mistakes you should avoid and what to focus on instead.

1. Setting an unrealistic budget

Expect the total costs of your renovation to be more than your estimates. This will help you lower and balance your spending, and prioritize which projects should be done first while setting aside 20% extra money for surprise necessities.

2. Doing everything yourself

A lot of homeowners choose the DIY path because they don’t trust contractors to follow their plans. Others do it to save labor costs. Either way, things often end in disaster. Unless you have the skills, knowledge, and years of experience as a housing contractor, don’t do everything yourself. Learn to pick the best team for your project.

3. Hiring the first contractor you find

As mentioned, some homeowners renovate their homes on their own due to the distrust of contractors. But that distrust stems from picking the wrong contractor in the first place. Take your time to search for different teams. Evaluate their performance and look at the ratings given by previous clients. Use and trust your gut instinct to pick the best company you’ll work with.

4. Rushing the job

We all want our home renovation to be done ASAP. But let’s face it: Contractors aren’t robots. It also takes time for some construction materials to harden so they will stay in place for a long time. If you rush the contractors, they’ll be annoyed at you and their work quality might get affected. Be patient. Empires are not built within a day.

5. Prioritizing form and aesthetic over function

It’s true that aesthetics capture the eyes first. But that’s just it. Form-focused renovations are problematic in the long term. Imagine yourself bumping into one installation because it narrowed your space. During your renovation planning phase, think about how you’ll actually live in the space first and what would it be like to traverse the proposed renovation areas on a daily basis.

6. Not securing a permit for your project

Permits exist for safety reasons. So before anything else, you must secure one first. Not only will you avoid getting yourself fined, but a permit will increase your home's resale value and speed up loan applications. You also don’t want the municipal housing authorities to tear down your renovations for a formal inspection — a costly mistake of stubbornness and impatience.

Thinking of renovating your home soon? Do these things in order: Talk to the municipal housing authorities about getting a renovation permit. Canvass different contractors. Make a renovation plan. Set a flexible budget for the project. Visit hardware stores to pick the best yet affordable construction materials. Once you’ve received your renovation permit, discuss your plan thoroughly with your contractor before they start working.

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