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Landlord Tips and Tricks: How to Make Your Life Easier

Landlords want nothing more than to simplify their lives. Like any other business, renting out your property means that you keep track of many things. If things get messed up, you have no choice but to deal with them right away. Here are 5 helpful landlord tips and tricks that will make your landlording experience less stressful and more rewarding.

Landlord Tips and Tricks to Simplify Your Business

1. Take advantage of the right apps.

Apps help you run your business smoothly by minimizing the incidence of you committing errors. They automate daily important tasks. I recommend the following apps:

  • Google Drive - Storing files such as rental forms, flyers, checklists, transcribed documents, and pictures doesn’t have to involve a complex and paid app! Google drive lets you categorize everything. You have 15 GB of free space. This can be upgraded if you decide to go premium.
  • Freshbooks - Freshbooks generates professional invoices that you may send out to your tenants. Not only that. This landlording software also saves you time in your accounting tasks.
  • Room Planner Home Design - If you plan to make improvements and renovations to your property, this app helps you visualize your projects. It’ll turn your creative ideas into a reality. 

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2. Never do a DIY repair or maintenance if you don’t know how!

While do-it-yourself jobs sound like a no-brainer, not every job is worth tackling. A lot of tasks done without professional help result in accidents and more costly repairs. Tasks that require serious consideration include plumbing, roofing and gutter repairs, and electrical repairs. When you hire contractors, hire those that are licensed, insured, and certified. Ask for recommendations. Gather quotes.

3. Be educated about the law.

Concerning assistance animals, security deposits, evictions, safety, and other property aspects, it’s essential to know the law. You could be a good person, but if you don’t know the law, you could get into trouble. Learn the required disclosures in your state, landlord-tenants laws on your state, The Fair Housing Act, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

4. Prioritize tenant safety.

If tenants are convinced that they’ve been injured or wronged as a result of your negligence, they will pursue a case. Make sure that your gas alarms and electrical systems are working well. Install outdoor lighting to keep burglars away. Check that your emergency exits are free from obstruction. Allow disabled renters to make necessary modifications to increase their safety (but these changes should be made at their expense).

Lastly, require all your tenants to carry renter’s insurance!

5. Take pictures of your rental before tenants move in.

Make it a practice to take pictures of the property’s condition before a tenant moves in. Your pictures will serve as proof in case there will be a security deposit dispute in the future or complaints about health and safety. Take pictures of all the rooms, floors, fixtures, windows, and any existing holes and scratches. 

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