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Home Design Trends to Watch Out for In 2022

Have you just bought a house? Or are you planning to buy one before the year ends? Chances are that you’ll want to make some interior and exterior design improvements that would match the year 2022. Also, if the home you’ve bought or are eyeing was built with a design, materials, and has appliances older than the past 5 years, you’ll really need to make some improvements.

With that said, use this list for home design upgrade inspirations that would be trendy this coming 2022. These tips are all predictions according to real estate interior and exterior designers.

1. Everything curvy and round

Egg chairs are getting more and more popular every day and so are other curvy furniture — from sofas and vanity dressers to coffee tables and ottomans. Curvy furniture is also safer to bump into especially for children running around.

2. Black accents

The color black is a great way to add depth and edge to the living room area, especially if your walls and furniture have light neutral colors. As a result, every space with a black accent appears bigger. 2022 might be the time for you to buy some black or striped pillowcases.

3. Multifunctional airy WFH spaces

Three things the pandemic has taught all of us is to not take our respiratory health for granted, make the best of our living space, and work from home is nice. Which is why in 2022, homes are expected to have offices that serve multiple recreational functions, larger windows for ventilation, and potted plants for oxygen production.

4. Natural and sustainable materials and areas

When the world went into lockdown in 2020, most of us faced financial hardships. We also realized how much we impacted the environment with our activities. Because of these experiences, we learned how to create construction materials out of recycled objects.

The good thing is that these recycled construction needs are more durable, cheaper, and require less maintenance than new materials made from raw resources. There is also a booming trend of backyard veggie gardens in suburban neighborhoods. Free and fresh food supplies!

5. Antimicrobial tiles

Aside from sustainable construction materials, a new trend of healthy home products has also risen. Tiles made with Microban® technology are now able to block the metabolism of bacteria making it hard for disease-causing pathogens to remain and multiply on hard surfaces.

The antimicrobial property of each tile doesn’t wear off providing you with 24/7 protection against the unseen enemy.

6. Less is still more

Minimalism is still king in 2022 when it comes to home design. Wall shelves, less floor furniture, and multifunctional storages are still in demand. Yet, if you’re not ready to spend on making your home more minimalistic, you can start by decluttering.

There aren’t that many new concepts to home design trends as of now. Some improvement ideas from 2020 are still in demand for 2022 because home designs of the pandemic era have made everyday living more entertaining and comfortable. However, it’s too early to say so. New trends might surface in the final weeks of the year or at the start of spring.

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