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8 Tips for Real Estate Agents When Working from Home

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to working at home. You can save a lot of money from gas and you can tend to household chores more easily. However, you also have challenges such as a distracting spouse, children, or housemates.

This blog is to teach you how to avoid those problems and maintain real estate productivity as if you’re just working in the office.

1. Establish a designated workspace

Working remotely can be challenging if you have a family. Your children or spouse may have the potential to distract you from your work. Find a space in your home that you can turn into a workstation. It can be the attic, garden shed, basement, or a spare room. What’s important is, the workspace has a door to separate you from distractions.

2. Set a No-Disturb time

When you clock in, tell your family members or your housemates to not disturb you unless you talk to them first. No knocking on the door, no talking, no phone calls, and no text messages.

3. Dress as if you’re in the office

The next thing that makes remote working very challenging is how you dress during working hours. If you dress in your jammies or your typical at-home clothing, you’ll find it easier to transition into a slacking-off-mode.

By wearing your business attire, you’ll feel as if you’re still in the office but in a different setting. The best part of it is, it helps you maintain your productivity.

4. Take breaks

Don’t be too engrossed by work. Stand up and take breaks at least 4 times a day. Go to the kitchen and drink some water after taking a leak. Go to the balcony or porch to breathe outdoor air and stretch. If you want, you can also make small talk with your spouse.

5. Maintain communication

Don’t forget to check on your relatives or friends especially if you live alone. Anxiety and loneliness is an alarming issue during this pandemic. A simple chat or text message will do to ask what’s up. If you have a lot of free time, why not video call them as well? Just make sure that they’re not busy too when you do.

6. Attend networking events

In addition to checking on your special people, stay connected to your career’s virtual space as well. You can do this by attending real estate webinars, agency video conferences, and communicating with your clients and other agents.

There are two purposes to this tip. The first is to help you keep up with what’s new in the real estate world. The second is to connect with other agencies, realtors, agents for new listings and buyers that might match your clients’ demands.

7. Get out on some days

It’s best to recharge and reset once a week to make your remote working experience less mundane. For at least once a week, go to a coffee shop or the local park and work there. Pick spaces where it’s not crowded, noisy, and the air is fresh.

8. Do your chores early or leave it for later

As you work, it will come across your mind that the dishes haven’t been washed, the flowers aren’t watered yet, or there’s no lunch ready. And most of the time, you’ll stop your work just to get these things done.

To avoid this, cook food in the morning that includes lunch. Wash the dishes after breakfast and water the flowers before clocking in. You can also let your partner do them and offer to do the evening chores yourself.

Nothing beats the convenience of working in an office along with your colleagues. But since the pandemic isn’t going to end anytime soon, you might as well adapt to the new normal. However, don’t let this situation stop you from earning those real estate commissions!

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