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7 Low Maintenance Home Exterior Ideas To Save Time and Money

House maintenance is a chore that a lot of homeowners dread doing regularly. And it’s common in homes built using outdated materials. The worst part of it all is that it doesn’t give you much negotiating power by the time a potential buyer sends you an offer after listing your home on the market.

With that said, here are house exterior upgrades that wouldn’t require a lot of your time for maintenance, will save you a lot of money in the long run, and likely help your home fetch a higher selling price.

1. Metal roofing

Metal roofing is a growing trend in homes around the world, especially in Southeast Asia. It’s three times more expensive and would also last three times longer than asphalt shingles even when subjected to constant extreme weather (even against hail and hurricanes).

2. Composite decking

Image source: BioEnergy Consult

Unlike wood decking which can splinter, rot, and warp, composite decking has a longer lifespan and doesn’t require regular resealing. It’s made from waste sawdust and used plastic which is good for the environment. And you’ll never have to sand, paint, or stain a composite deck.

3. Fiber cement siding

Built to be insect, rot, and fire-proof, fiber cement siding isn’t just a low-maintenance home exterior upgrade, but it’s also an investment that can keep your family and belongings safe during hurricanes. The stable dimension design of fiber cement receives less stress which preserves paint finishes for years.

4. PVC railings

Short for polyvinyl chloride, PVC porch and deck railings are making a comeback after years of discrimination for looking obviously fake. Stronger, more weatherproof, and rust-proof due to some aluminum core with PVC outer layer designs, this railing type helps you save more money in the long run compared to the costs of using wood.

If you’re asking if PVC porch, deck railings, and privacy fences can withstand extreme weather, my answer is yes. It can withstand even a category 3 hurricane if installed properly.

5. Low maintenance plants

When it comes to low-maintenance shrubbery for your home’s exterior aesthetic, nothing beats plants such as succulents, aloe veras, snake, ZZ, spider, cast iron plants, cactus, and lucky bamboo. And if you live in the colder regions but want some flowers, you can add primroses, pansies, blue spruces, and coneflowers to your collection.

6. Pebble or gravel and stone path landscape

Hate mowing your lawn every two weeks? Why not remove the grass altogether and swap it with pebbles or gravel? You can also use a gravel driveway design to avoid dealing with cracks caused by weathering. What I really like about gravel driveways is that they provide better traction during the winter.

7. LeafGuard Gutter

Image source: LeafGuard

For many times now, I’ve mentioned the importance of clearing debris from your gutters to preserve their integrity. And I relate to the hassle of climbing up the roof with a broom and tying myself to the chimney once a month because of the surrounding foliage clogging our gutters. This is why I suggest contacting LeafGuard to reduce your gutter-cleaning frequency.

Some of these low-maintenance home exterior upgrades are more costly in terms of material and installation labor than ordinary methods. But in the long run, you can really save and funnel your time, energy, and money into other more important things such as opening a business for financial freedom or working out for better health.

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