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5 Real Estate Video Ideas That Work

During these times, it’s hard to appeal to home buyers due to social distancing guidelines. Houses aren’t available for an open showing and every agent’s schedule is hectic just to please every single prospective customer. Not to mention the hassle of disinfecting the house before and after a prospective client visits.

A well shot and edited video is the best way to take now. The process might not be easily affordable or doable, but it saves time and energy. So, what kind of real estate is sure to entice homebuyers? Let’s discuss them.

1.  Property listing videos

This is the first and basic video idea for real estate. Property listing vids can vary from simple DIY to sophisticated shots with proper camera equipment. You can take photos or videos of the house with your phone and use Magisto or Camera Plus to edit your video there.

If you want to edit work on a computer, visit Animoto. They have a template design just for a single property listing. You’ll just drag your captured photos and type in some clever property descriptions. Then, the template will do the job. You’ll have a finished product with beautiful transitions and appealing words.

For a really beautiful listing video, hire a videographer. You can also opt to buy a camera plus all accessories for it if you have both the money and editing skills. Don’t forget to plan your shots well and declutter the house for listing. And, use a drone for aerial shots and a better surrounding view. 

2.  Neighborhood videos

A property’s surrounding area is also part of its selling point. Buyers would want to know what kind of neighbors they can expect. Try to highlight in the video the home to market roads or service businesses.

Include a segment of other surrounding amenities like bars and recreational areas like parks. Don’t forget to do a school review. A local educational facility showcase is appealing to clients that have families or are planning to have kids.

3.  Interview videos

To further appeal to homebuyers and clients alike, show them testimonies of previous clients. Ask them about their experience when they bought a house from you. Were they happy? Was it a good decision?

Client testimonials are important because they build your portfolio with a positive track record. They’ll also show your future clients that you’re very nice to work with. You can use a video slideshow of positive written reviews by other clients if you have no video of you talking with them.

4.  “About me” video

As a follow-up or partner to client testimonials, a video about you is also a good way to attract interested clients. Your face and personality through the video will help them decide whether they should work with you or not.

Don’t forget to include a focused shot on how many deals you’ve closed and awards you received.

5.  “Just sold” video

“Just sold” videos give your future clients the idea of what type of house you represent for sale. The more houses you’ve sold that fit a client’s taste, the more similar clients are enticed to go to you.

This kind of real estate video idea has the potential of attracting other home sellers as well. If you have a lot of deals closed, home sellers will come to you and pay you to get their house sold.

And don’t worry about spending effort to make a “just sold video”. You can just edit the “SOLD” word or signage in your property listing vid once it’s sold.

To attract clients to you and the property you sell, build up your real estate portfolio with positive client testimonials. Shoot a beautiful video with photos of the property’s interior and edit all of them into one beautiful vid. Don’t forget to showcase all your closed deals for your future clients’ reference.