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How to Clean Your Apartment to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries and their governments have now imposed lockdowns, travel bans, and community quarantines.

At the same time, the World Health Organization advises citizens of pandemic-affected countries and contaminated regions to stay at home and self-quarantine while observing social distancing when going out.

During this time, it is also best to disinfect our respective homes to keep viruses from surviving indoors. Here are five essential ways to do it. 

1. Clean surface areas using potent disinfectants

A spray bottle with diluted but potent bleach inside and a clean wipe cloth are very effective. For US brands, Lysol and Clorox have been identified by the CDCP as disinfectants that are suitable for killing coronaviruses on hard surfaces. Be sure to use disposable gloves when cleaning and read the label thoroughly. Follow proper instructions to make the disinfectant work to its maximum effect.

2. Wash clothes with the warmest setting

Coronavirus will stick to any surface and clothes are no exception. But viruses are also known to die at high heat so when doing the laundry for your clothes or bedsheets, use the warmest or hottest setting possible. Use a potent chlorine bleach brand for white clothing and another potent bleach brand that is color-friendly for colored fabrics. Other laundry detergent brands with disinfecting properties are a good choice as well. A smart everyday supply option is adding white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to the wash.

3. Decontaminate wipe cloths and sponges regularly

Using a single cloth for all sanitation activities or a single sponge for all dishwashing activities is a habit that all of us can’t deny. It is strongly recommended to use a single cloth for cleaning one area to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. If you can't use multiple separate cloths, then be sure to disinfect the cloth you're using in hot water. 

4. Clean personal and shared devices

Spreading of viruses and bacteria in our homes can happen through the sharing of items such as tablets, phones, remote controls, and console controllers. Disinfect them by spraying a little water first to soften up grime and dirt. Then use q-tips or a toothpick to scoop out dirt from the small areas and thin lines between the buttons or the device’s sides. Finish by spraying a little disinfectant then wipe it dry to avoid damage on internal circuits.

5. Target high-touch surfaces

It’s easy to pay attention to known germ and virus hotspots such as toilet bowls and kitchen surfaces. Doorknobs, light switches, and hand railings should also be made a top priority since your hands often come in contact with them. Spray disinfectants and wipe these areas thoroughly as well. But be careful not to spray directly on areas where there is electric current such as light switches. Instead, spray a light amount on a microfiber cloth then wipe the switch and switch plate thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

Also, remember to exercise caution when it comes to friends who want to visit your apartment. Tell your sick friends to stay at home and self-quarantine. For healthy guests, be sure to spray hand sanitizer or alcohol on their hands before they enter. Ask them to leave their footwear outside as well. I hope you gained value from these apartment cleaning tips to protect it against the coronavirus. Stay safe!

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