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10 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Should Own for Maintenance and Repairs

Whether you live in a townhouse, single-family home, condo unit, or mobile home, you will at some point need to use a tool to fix something in your private domicile. It may be a leaking pipe, a loose wall mount, or a flickering light. Without tools ready for use, you will find yourself frustrated — and worse, some life-threatening mishap may happen by leaving something unfixed.

Don’t wait for this to happen to you, especially if the home you’re living in is your first one. Read on to know the common yet most important tools you should possess as a homeowner. Then buy them to keep your property in tiptop shape and everyone in your home safe.

1. Screwdriver set

Flat, phillips, hexagonal, triangle, you name it. You should have a screwdriver set that will help you tighten or drive in all types of screws. They should also come in different sizes.

2. Claw hammer

When it comes to generating force and leverage, the hammer is the best tool for the job. From driving nails in and removing them to small demolitions, it’s a tool you should have at home.

3. A drill

Smart homeownership tips will advise you to utilize your walls to store important valuables. But drilling a shelf into concrete or wood with a screwdriver won’t be enough. Include a cordless, corded, or manual hand drill into your purchase list.

4. Plier set

Need to grip or hold stuff in place? You’re going to need pliers for that. These tools have multiple uses but they’re specially designed for electrical-related repairs and maintenance.

5. Pipe wrench set

Fixing plumbing issues is tricky because of wet surfaces. Pipe wrenches will help you hold tubes in place as you tighten up nuts and bolts.

6. Utility knife

You can use any kind of knife to cut, peel, or open things like duct tape, cable, jackets, wire insulations, and delivery boxes. But nothing beats the versatility of the utility knife. You can retract or extend it depending on your task.

7. Step ladder

Replacing a busted light or going up the roof can be done with the use of chairs. The problem is the stool might tip over and you’ll be Humpty Dumpty. Put your safety first when reaching elevated areas of your home with the use of a step ladder.

8. Work gloves

Speaking of safety, the #1 part of our body we use for maintenance and repairs is our hands. Tools like utility knives can cause a fatal cut on our major blood vessels. Even a miscalculated hammer strike that will hit your finger is very painful.

I know, only clumsy people are at risk of that. But you can never be too sure. Another benefit of having work gloves is that they give you a better grip when using tools.

9. Duct tape

This is an all-time favorite tool when it comes to quick fixes. Be it a broken bucket, hanging gutter, or leaking roof, duct tape is the solution. There is a saying that goes, “If you can’t fix it with duct tape, you’re not using enough of it.”

10. Toolbox

Lastly, you’ll need something to store all your tools. There is no better item to do the work than a good toolbox. How do you know a toolbox is good? It must be durable (heavy-duty plastic or metal), has a handle, multiple sections to store your different tools and supplies, and is made with a color that’s easy to notice.

Owning tools is one of your greatest investments as a homeowner. They can help you fix problems in your home before a repairman comes in. You can even be the repairman if you want to cut costs. All you need to know is the skills of fixing stuff.

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