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10 Useful Tips for Attracting and Keeping Tenants

Anyone who has functioned as a landlord for years would agree that keeping tenants is as important as finding the right ones.

One research revealed that tenants often comment about property maintenance and staff responsiveness. Some online reviews also showed that tenants find staff courteousness and community events to be important. These things tell us that landlords ought to pay more attention to customer services. 

In today's blog post, we're going to share helpful tips for attracting and keeping the best tenants. Read on. 

1. Describe your target tenant.

The first tip to getting the right tenants is to define who they are. Are they professionals? Students? Pet owners? Once you've decided who your ideal tenants are, you can use that information as the basis for your advertising or marketing.  

2. Market your rental well.

There's no shortage of ways to promote your rental. A free and popular way is to create posts about it on social media. Encourage your friends and family to share your posts. You can also leverage Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. When it comes to marketing, make sure to use high-quality photos. Here's a guide on taking good photos

3. Beautify your apartment. 

When you're ready to show your rental to prospective tenants, make sure that everything is neat and in order. Check that there are no tools and trash lying around. Use neutral decor so that people can easily imagine themselves living in the rental.  

4. Be communicative.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with tenants can be done through clear communication. Let tenants know that you are available to discuss their concerns. Doing so will create an atmosphere of positivity and mutual respect.  

5. Return phone calls as soon as possible. 

Nowadays, tenants often complain about landlords ignoring calls and text messages. Tenants may be in an emergency situation or need to speak with you about a simple request. Don't give tenants reasons to blame you for not responding. Returning phone calls is also a way to protect yourself. 

6. Keep up with maintenance. 

It is a landlord's responsibility to ensure that the rental is in proper condition. That way, you can rest confidently knowing that your tenants are comfortable and that your apartment is damage-free.  

7. Increase rental security.

Tenants desire to feel safe in their rental home. Do let your tenants know that you prioritize security. One thing you should do from the start is to install heavy-duty doors and deadbolt locks. To take security to the next level, consider installing security cameras at the front entrance and in hallways. 

8. Seek feedback from tenants.

Always make it a point to gather feedback from your renters. Sending out a survey is an organized way of gathering feedback. Surveys help you improve because you know what's working and what's not. 

9. Make in-depth tenant screening a must.

While tenant screening is a requirement, too many landlords take it lightly. Check your tenants' backgrounds, credit scores, rental history, and criminal background. Asking questions personally or in a phone call gives you an idea of what kind of tenant someone is. 

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10. Stay organized. 

Successful landlords are organized. Being organized with your paperwork, emails, receipts, etc. helps you to save time so you can focus on improving your rental and relationships with tenants.

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