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The Best Rental Listing Sites to Find Local Apartments

Are you looking for an apartment? Check out these websites to help you find your next home.

Rental listing sites have recently been popular with landlords, property owners, and renters. In fact, almost all individuals now look for apartments online. There are hundreds of rental listing websites that offer the same objectives, and we’ve listed the best of them.

Here are 5 rental listing sites to make house-hunting easier.

1 Zillow Rental Manager

Zillow is one of the most popular rental listing sites in the United States. It covers almost all US states and has a very large database of properties. Landlords can easily create a listing by adding details and images of their property, setting their rent price, and clicking the publish button.

In Zillow, potential renters can research the neighborhood and the history of a home they're attracted to. They can also narrow down their choices according to location, square footage, and number of rooms, among others.

Check out their website here and download their apps on Android or iOS.


With more than 1.1 million listings, is considered the biggest listing platform for apartment rentals. It has very comprehensive filter options like amenities, ratings, lifestyle, and square footage. And you can do everything on this website — from comparing properties to applying online and signing a lease.

Furthermore, property managers can screen applicants and collect rent through this website. And once a landlord created a listing, this is syndicated to other 7 websites for a wider range of exposure.

Check out their website here and download their apps on Android or iOS.

3. Rentometer

This website is known for its detailed rental comparisons, including average rent, size, and radius. You can search by city or state and narrow down your choices by entering your preferred rent price range, and the number of beds or baths. Landlords and investors can plan their rental strategy by comparing different key metrics like median rents, building type, and age of listing.

Rentometer currently doesn't have a mobile app but you can check out their website here.

4. Hotpads

Like, Hotpads also has many features that can help you with house-hunting. It shows you a map of the area and a list of available rental properties but Hotpads also includes a Google street view for a specific listing. You can filter your search according to travel time, pet regulations, property type, and amenities.

Check out their website here and download their apps on Android or iOS.

5. Airbnb

Are you always traveling because of your work, which means you're only looking for a short-term stay? Try using Airbnb to find the right space.

With more than 7 million options, Airbnb is the best app or website to use when you work in different places around the globe. Airbnb caters to those who want a more comfortable experience but don't want to stay in hotels. And I'm not only talking about a 1-week stay. Using Airbnb, you can book an apartment and stay for longer than one month.

Check out their website here and download their apps on Android or iOS.


These rental listing sites are very helpful in scanning properties from the comfort of your home. They're convenient to use, easy, and secure. However, verify your choices by directly contacting the landlord and personally examining the place, if possible. Read the rental listing thoroughly and note any local guidelines for tenants.