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Preparing Your Home for Sale? Make Sure You Do These

Before a buyer decides to purchase your property, it’s part of their task to make their money worth it by inspecting your home first. As a part of their inspection, they’ll look for hidden damages that might cost them in the future or imagine if living in your home will make them happy.

It’s important to prepare your home and make it appealing to the buyer as much as possible. Without proper preparation, your home will sit on the market for long or it will end up selling lower than its actual value because it’s presented poorly. With that said, here’s a list of things you should do before putting your home up on a list.

1. Find damages and make repair plans

Look for wear and tear on your property. Better yet, hire a home inspector to scan every nook and cranny. Make a budget and plan all the necessary repairs. Don’t do a total makeover. Only fix what’s needed. Then execute your repair plans.

2. Make your home spacious

Rent a storage unit. Take out the non-necessities in your home for decluttering. Then transfer excess furniture, appliances, tools, and clothing into the storage. Some homebuyers have restless hands and could take valuables while you’re not looking. Store your jewelry someplace safe.

3. Depersonalize

Make it easy for interested buyers to imagine living in your home. Don’t forget to store your personal items such as family photos or children’s in your rented storage unit.

4. Clean up

Vacuum all the dust and lint that have accumulated under the carpet, laundry vent, attic, HVAC systems, and wall insulators. Use power sprays to remove grime and mold from the walls and roof.

5. Make your home smell nice

Detect the presence of molds that create an unpleasant smell. You can find them mostly near leaking pipes, damaged roof tiles, and basement corners. While you’re at it, fix damaged plumbings as well. Then use diffusers to bring a relaxing aroma throughout your home.

6. Repaint the walls

Neutral colors are the best when it comes to making your home appealing to a buyer’s eye. So paint your interior and exterior with colors like beige, gray, white, or light blue.

7. Let go of your sentiments

To make sure negotiations go smoothly, you must let go of the fond memories you’ve made in the property. This will help you have a calm mind and heart to make deals that are beneficial to both you and a buyer.

8. Organize storages

For all the stuff in your home that you need as you wait for a buyer or for finalizing the sale, arrange them beautifully in their storage space. That means folding your clothing neatly, putting all hygiene products in bathroom cabinets, and preventing these stored items from falling out.

9. Make your home sparkle

Scrub the water stains off from tabletops, windows, sinks, bathroom, and restroom tiles. Use metal polishes on faucets. The idea is to make your house look so new that you can price it as if it’s newly built.

10. Beautify the front and back

Clean the backyard and the front lawn. Even out the land by eliminating wet spots and dead patches on the grass. Plant some nice flowers. Do some landscaping. If you want, you can use these backyard landscaping ideas to increase your home’s selling value.

11. Help your buyer get a clearer view of your home online

Make your listing description as accurate as possible. Doublecheck errors. Submit more pictures and videos of your home. Include a virtual tour if you want to.

Once you’ve done all these, make sure that nobody can enter your property and damage the newly finished repairs. If you have energetic kids, it’s best that you and your family should rent for a while. If you don’t, you should up your home’s security to prevent thieves from coming in while you’re asleep or out.

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