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Make Your Moving Less Stressful With These 10 Tips

Real estate investors living in their investment property dislike the process of moving to the next house once the current one is sold. It can be stressful because aside from the fact that they have other important things to take care of, packing up and loading boxes demands time.

But most endure this ordeal because of that sweet equity profit gained by the property over time and moving without professional help saves a lot of money. If you have been to numerous and stressful moving experiences or want to avoid it as a rookie investor, read this article until the end.

1. Choose an off-peak moving time

Move when everyone else isn’t moving. Ideal months would be midweeks of October to April when everyone else is settling in for fall, winter, and deals aren’t made yet during early spring.

2. Give yourself as much time as you need

Don’t rush your moving process. If you’re busy at work or have other important things to do, get all of them done before you start packing your belongings.

3. Create a to-do list

So which room will you need to pack up and which is the next one? This question will help you stay organized as you put your possessions in boxes before stacking them up in the living room. A good rule of thumb is to empty the room with stuff that isn’t used too often like the basement or garage.

4. Start small

Pack the small things first like hygiene products, cooking ingredients, decorations, small appliances, clothing, curtains, or towels. Then, progress to bigger objects like kitchen appliances, bedroom, and living room furniture.

5. Use a checklist

Make sure that everything you need won’t be left out when you finally say goodbye to your old home by using a checklist. Then attach the checklist to the boxes so you’ll have a guide on which box to open if you need something once you’re in your new home.

6. Label everything

Aside from a checklist, label the boxes of your belongings based on which room they’re from. For example, if one box is full of kitchenware, label it “kitchen”. This tip will make it easy for you to put the boxes in their respective areas once you arrive at the new property.

7. Pack ahead of time

If you have everything done and made a packing plan, start the task now. The earlier you’ll start, the more time you’ll have and you’ll feel less stressed during the moving process.

8. Avoid clutter before packing up

Don’t pack up if the rooms are messed up. The clutter will only add visual stress. Clean and arrange everything first so that the process of putting your possessions in boxes will feel and go smoothly.

9. Only pack what you need

Moving out with less stress isn’t just about organization. It also means taking fewer things with you as much as possible. Don’t know what to do with the extra stuff you’ll no longer need? Use the Marie Kondo method. Organize the clutter into three piles first: To donate, to sell, or throw away. 

10. Get enough sleep

There’s so much to be done when you’re changing residences. And you’re likely to stay up late because of it. However, if you compromise sleep, the easier you’ll be overcome by stress. Remember, start early and take all the time you’ll need. Don’t rush the task.

It’s important to seek help from relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues as you move out. Not only will packing up be easier, but you’ll also speed everything up. If you don’t like to bother other people during the boarding of your cargo, hire a moving company that offers a full-service.

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