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How to Keep Your Small Apartment Organized (10 Clever Hacks)

Living on your own can mean a lot of freedom, like the freedom to own many things. But what if you own a lot and yet your place is tiny? Let’s just say a one-bedroom apartment. Wouldn't organizing be a major problem? Oh boy, you wouldn’t want your place to look like some junkie haven, believe me. So here are some hacks to help you maintain zen in your apartment.

1. Hanging door organizers

Spaces behind doors are unoccupied and would provide a lot of space. Even cabinet doors would be a game-changer in storing stuff. Buy some hanging door organizers and put your mail, keys, shoes, or whatever small belongings you own into them. There are also hanging door trash cans for sale and would cost from 10$ to 30$.

2. Install corner floating shelves

Unoccupied corners with installed shelves would help you in organizing your apartment as well as giving more beauty and aesthetics. They're easy to install and you’d have a lot of space for picture frames, books, or indoor plants.

3. Take advantage of walls

Following up on floating shelves, spaces above your doors are also ideal for installment. But you know what’s better? Adhesive wall hooks or suction wall organizer. Hang your coat, scarves, hats, or kitchen utensils. All you have to do is peel off the sticker, find a vacant wall, stick it and hang something, and then you’re good to go.

4. Rolling pantries

Tired of looking for space to store those bottles of honey, tea, ketchup, spices, and whatever it is that occupies the sink or fridge? Why not shop for some DIY rolling pantries at IKEA? Spaces on the sides of your fridge can be useful too with the right initiative.

5. Hang multiple clothing on a chain

For suits and dresses, hang a chain from the ceiling or a cabinet ceiling and hook your hangers between those chains.

6. Use a crate or chest as a coffee table

For additional space to store some things seldom used, use a crate or chest as a table. The antiquity of the chest or box gives off a bohemian aesthetic to your modern apartment. Or if you already have a table or the management provides, buy a separate plastic box and put it under your coffee table. The same goes with...

7. Beds with underneath storages

If you need to buy your own bed then choose the ones with drawers or beds where you need to lift the mattress for storage. It's deal for keeping those prized belongings, extra pillows, and linens.

8. Fold and store your clothes vertically

If your closet looks cramped from all the clothes that you seldom wear then fold them into small squares and store them vertically on your drawer. Clothes traditionally folded and stored occupy more drawer space than you think. It’s also a hassle to identify from a top perspective which one you want to wear for the day.

9. Ottoman benches

Are you the kind of person who wants to rest your feet on something at the same time use that resting platform for storage? Then the ottoman bench with a detachable top would be your choice.

10. Lightweight cabinets on bathroom walls

Your bathroom space is one of the places in your apartment with a lot of vacant space. For your variety of hygiene and grooming products, declutter your sink and install some suction lightweight cabinets on the tile wall. 

The best way to keep your apartment organized is to avoid the tendency for it to be disorganized. This means that you should only keep a few of the stuff you truly need on a daily basis. Practice minimalism and don't hoard things. If there is a need to own a lot of things, then be sure to follow the hacks above for a zen filled abode. 

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