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How To Convert An Attic Into A Living Space

We all want enough space for our homes. Fortunately, if you have an attic, it can be used as a living space — and not just an area for storage. With careful planning and help from consulting experts, you can achieve your desired outcome. Now imagine turning your attic into a place where you can comfortably relax.  

Want to know how to convert your attic into a living space? Then read this article.

1. Inspect Your Attic

Spend time checking your attic. Look for any damages, leaks, and potential problems so you can address them as soon as possible. Clean your attic and remove unnecessary things. You need to prepare the place before turning it into a living space.

2. Attic Meets Building Codes

Attic renovation requires certain dimensions and compliance with building codes. For instance, floor space should at least be 70 square feet. Next, the attic must be at least 7 feet by 10 feet in all directions. Furthermore, the ceiling height should at least be seven and a half feet for an owner to stand in the living space. These measurements are important to prevent any hazards.  

As part of the national regulations, be sure to ask about building code regulations in your area. Getting a permit for attic conversion is strongly recommended.

3. Lights and Ventilation

An attic turned into a living space needs natural light. And since an attic usually doesn’t have lots of windows, consider installing skylights. This option will enable fresh air and natural light to get inside your living space.

The insulation and the roof's underlayment must have 1 inch or more space between them to keep the attic balanced during the winter or summer season. Ensure ventilation, as well as temperature control, because this area absorbs all the heat. Keep in mind that a living space should provide comfort, which is why optimal ventilation and temperature matter.

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4. Check Your Attic Floors

Find time to check your attic flooring. Assess whether the floor needs repairs or enhancements. Consider whether sub-flooring is necessary since it will give additional height to the floor. Non-moving objects and things should be able to stand on the floor. Install additional joists on the attic floor as support for your new living space.  

5. Add Insulation

The purpose of insulation is to keep everyone warm during winter and cool during summer.

Choose insulation that will provide comfort regardless of the season. Buying the best one will save you money and effort. Try using foam insulation as it forms a tight air barrier and prevents the entrance of insects. Install your chosen insulation between the joists of the wall and ceiling.

6. Consult Experts

While it’s okay to go the do-it-yourself or DIY route for turning an attic into a living space, it’s never a bad idea to consult a structural engineer. Remember that the slightest alteration to the attic may affect the entire house. It’s best to learn and plan your dream living space with an expert.


Maximize some unused areas in your house, like your attic. Converting it into a living space is an excellent idea. After following the six tips in this article, you may start expressing your creativity by designing your new living space —whether it’s a bedroom, playroom, or lounge room. Last but not least, make your attic cozy and a doozy!

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