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Apartment Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes, cleaning your apartment can be intimidating. Getting rid of dirt and mess is a never-ending task! You may not be looking forward to cleaning, but you know you need to do it. A clean home is good for the soul. It reduces stress and anxiety. It makes you feel in control. This article shares a list of 7 cleaning ideas that will simplify your life!

1. Baking soda to deodorize your couch

Find that your couch has unpleasant odors? Baking soda is a cheap option for getting rid of odors. But take note that this isn’t the same thing as cleaning your couch! Sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda, leave it on for 20 minutes, and vacuum it up.

2. Hair dryer for water marks on wood

Water stains ruin beautiful wood furniture. Luckily, your hair dryer can help! Set it on medium heat and direct it two inches away from the water ring. Move the dryer around to keep the wood from overheating. Wipe the surface with a cloth.

3. Shine a light on your pet’s old pee stains

If you’re housetraining your dog, you have to deal with pee stains and smells that come with them. But what about those secret spots? You can’t get rid of a pee odor that’s been lingering for days. In that case, use a UV flashlight! A UV flashlight or black light illuminates urine stains that have set in. If it’s a strong urine, use a reliable enzymatic cleaner.

4. Lemons for bathroom and kitchen fixtures

Lemons are high in citric and they’re antibacterial - which makes them great for cleaning! Shine your chrome faucets and knobs on your shower or tub by rubbing cut lemon on their surfaces. Tip: Test a small spot first!

5. Vinegar for vinyl blinds

A vinegar solution is a cheap and easy way to remove dirt-buildup on your blinds. Mix vinegar and water in a bowl. Put an old sock on your hand. Dip the tips of your fingers into the vinegar solution. If you’re using a cloth, dip it into the solution. Run across the surfaces of the blinds.

6. Pillowcase for ceiling fan blades

Dealing with that dusty ceiling fan can be messy. Here’s a trick for a mess-free cleaning: Take a pillowcase, slip it over your ceiling fan blades one at a time. Press the fabric on the surface of the blades and pull outward. All the dust accumulates inside the pillowcase and not on the floor!

7. Window squeegee for stubborn pet hairs

A squeegee may be a tool for cleaning windows, but it also does the trick for removing dog or cat fur on your carpet! (Because sometimes, vacuuming won’t work.) Simply run the squeegee along the carpet to rake up pet hair. Hair will loosen and accumulate. Then you can pick up the clumps.

Do you have a favorite cleaning tip? These should help you resolve some common apartment cleaning problems! As you can see, the ideas above are simple to execute. You probably already have the tools or materials you need for cleaning at home.

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