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7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Safer In 2021

Raising your home’s value isn’t just done through beautification, adding smart features, or making it more eco-friendly. Security is equally important. Because a home is undesirable if it’s easy to be broken into or damaged by unwelcome individuals.

With that said, here are the various security installation tips you should consider to make your place safer from criminals, children’s neighbors, or wild animals.

1. Garage door security

They say that garage doors are the weakest point of the house for criminals to enter. This is true because the noise in the garage when someone tries to force themself inside is less likely to be heard. Your garage should be made of strong metal with multiple durable locks which thieves cannot break into by using conventional tools.

2. Motion detector lighting

To keep the thieves out you must think like a thief. So what is the number #1 rule of thievery? That’s to use the dark to your advantage. Don’t give burglars or home invaders the advantage of darkness. Install motion detector lighting so when they enter your property, they’ll be exposed and scurry off.

3. Hardwired burglar alarm system

Some burglars are too thick-faced to be scared of being exposed to light and would follow through with their plan of entering your home. That’s why a hardwired burglar alarm system would be your 2nd line of defense in case of a break-in.

Make sure your alarm system is very loud, well-hidden, and isn’t easily disabled. A loud alarm will surely wake you up giving you enough time to exercise your 2nd amendment rights, defend your home, and call 911.

4. Smart technology

CCTV cameras, smart locks, and smoke alarms are the best layers of home securities especially if you’re out. You can easily access them and monitor the state of your home even if you’re far away. You can see who’s inside your home while you’re away through the camera.

You can also use it as evidence to claim insurance or know your thief. Smart locks don’t have keyholes so they cannot be lockpicked. They set off an alarm if shaken through a hard kick. Smoke alarms are useful in case of a short circuit so you can call for help when you’re far away.

5. Eliminate blind spots

Similar to motion-detecting light, you can add up lighting to both the interior and exterior of your home to keep every nook and cranny of your property illuminated as you sleep. It’s also better important to use LED bulbs to significantly reduce your electricity bill.

In your garden, it’s good to regularly maintain it and remove blind spots that thieves can use as a safe passage. This is because outdoor lighting and CCTV cameras cannot reach these areas.

6. Hidden safe

You’ll need a place to store your jewelry, cash, and other valuables in a place where thieves cannot access whether you’re in and out of your home. A safe would be the best for that. You should install a safe under a floorboard, inside your wardrobe, in the basement, or behind an inconspicuous photo or painting.

7. Backyard fencing

Thieves will find a way to get in your property. Whether through the front, back, or sides. However, fencing laws depend on the area of the home. If allowed by the authorities and community, build a fence as high as suggested and sturdy as possible. This won’t only keep the thieves out but also your neighbors’ children and other animals from damaging your backyard.

A home is a place where anyone should relax, rest, and feel safe. That should be emphasized especially nowadays due to the pandemic causing massive unemployment and rising crime rates.

By making your home a secure place to live in, you’re keeping your investments safe. You’re also increasing home value because by the time you’re selling your home, the interested buyer would be willing to pay more to protect their investments safe as well.