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10 Websites to List Your Rental Property

Whether you’re a new or experienced landlord, most likely you know that nowadays, technology is a key player in promoting businesses. So, it’s impossible to market your rental without tapping into the online space. Maybe you’ve posted your rental unit on Facebook or Instagram. That’s a great move. 

The good news is that there are still plenty of sites to include your rental property. People from all over the world visit these sites using their mobile device - anytime and anywhere. In this blog post, you’ll find a list of top 10 websites. Listing your property is completely free or many come at a minimum price.

1. Rentberry

Rentberry simplifies the process of listing your rental. You’re allowed to upload unlimited photos. Now, this is a great way to showcase various angles of the rental, especially the best features.

2. Cozy

With Cozy, you’ll be able to integrate your rental application, as well as run credit and background checks. Instead of posting directly on social media, post on Cozy and then share it to your preferred platforms.

3. Zillow

Using Zillow Rental Manager, you get to create listings for free and tap into a huge community of potential renters. If you list on Zillow, your listing will also be shared to other listing sites like Trulia.


With, you get to list all important details of your property - from the deposit amount to the lease terms to the smoking and pet policy. People can also mark your listing as their favorite as they browse more rentals. 


Do you own a pet-friendly rental? By posting it on, your rental gets easily seen by pet owners who happen to be great renters. Posting is for free, and potential renters can immediately contact you for more details.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist may look very basic, but still many people flock to it to list their rentals and find apartments. You’ll be able to post for free, but note that you can’t put a lot of details.

7. Oodle

This isn’t a site fully dedicated to rentals. Interested people should find the category “RENTALS” first. The photos you upload are small. But the good thing is that you can enter all the rental details (price, pre-qualification, description, etc). Social media buttons for sharing are also integrated.

8. Trulia

Trulia is part of the Zillow Group. As mentioned, posting your listing on Zillow means that your listing will also be syndicated to Zillow Group’s portfolio.

9. Zumper

Used by millions of renters, Zumper has all the functionalities you need to post a great listing and find quality tenants. People can create alerts for your type of listing and immediately contact you. Zumper features all kinds of rentals - apartment, condo, or home rental.

10. Turbo Tenant

When you use Turbo Tenant, your rental is shared across dozens of listing websites. It’s free to post on this site. Your rental listing is sure to look neat and attractive. Turbo Tenant also makes it convenient to attract great renters with their online application.

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